“Hey…” “Hey…”

… and a beautiful friendship was formed.

Little did Alex know that with that one brief exhalation she had effectively swallowed the “red pill” that would lead her down the rabbit hole to a life of unicorns, sparkle and tight tight tights.

Daughter to some parents, granddaughter to some grandparents, and sibling to some other siblings, Alex hails from the Maritimes aka “the east” but found her home in the trees and mountains and lakes and tents of BC’s Boreal Forests, some many (although not that many) years ago.

Actually, come to think of it, so many not-that-many years ago that she may not even get the red pill rabbit hole reference ‘cause that movie was from like 1999? And she was like, I dunno, young then.

Moving on.

Alex started her triathlon journey at least partially motivated by some quality daddy-daughter time, her father also being an accomplished triathlete himself. She spends most of her time on Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure trying to figure out how she got here, but man she just can’t seem to get away. We’re like crack like that, one taste and you’re hooked. She doesn’t mind.

Alex has probably the most accomplished resume of any of us, including amazing finishes at a variety of half-distance events and Ironman Canada, where she powered through conditions that literally made grown men quit in tears. Trevor quit that same event in tears and he was only scheduled to spectate.

Alex also occupies the coveted position of “team sleeper”. Which is not a reference to her amazing ability to sleep places, but is instead a reference to her nonchalant training mannerism where she basically says stuff like “yeah, I’m not training that much” and then she smokes you and then just gives a little devious smile/head bob when she does. We’re on to you Alex! We just can’t catch you (unless it’s on a kayak, Alex is slow at those, hahaha)

For life and leisure, Alex heals the bodies of those who ask for it, and is well know in social circles for her frequent and amazing “mountain top” selfies, her double denim, her propensity to challenge college men to “the worm” competitions (not that worm…), her calm under pressure when keys get locked in the car, and for literally being game for anything you ask her to do (assuming she ever decides to respond to your text messages).

Follow Alex’s official progress @unicornsparkleadventure and @alexnsmo.


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