It was a cold winter’s (or spring, or summer, or maybe fall’s) eve in Winnipeg Manitoba when, with the sound of a cry and the odor of, well, who knows, a newborn babe the likes of which had never been seen before, or since, was delivered into this world. A babe who, somehow, someday, would change our very existence in the most profound way, for the better, forever. Tammy didn’t care about that though, because Tammy was out totally crushing some sort of ridiculously hard endurance event. All with a smile and a laugh and a consistency of breathing that makes you think that she’s never actually been out of breath in her entire life.

Tammy doesn’t mess around, and then totally messes around all at the same time, and we love it. When she races, she likes to do fun things like chat with other racers as she runs past, and stand at finish lines forever cheering literally every last person to cross. She even cheers for the guy who deflates the finish line banner. That’s some seriously inspired cheering.

She’s so inspiring in fact that she has her own hashtag #teamterrifictammy and was once featured in some Whistler fitness run propaganda. She can run faster for 4 hours than Trevor can run for 4 minutes.

Tammy is also the world’s most wonderful person. Happily married to her husband Shane, the pair of them go all out in embracing the antics and spirit that define Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure. Her beautiful pup Digbee is also the team’s official sweaty head licker. And man he doesn’t miss a drop.

When Tammy isn’t busy running the Boston Marathon, doing sweet jumps on downhill bikes or skis, making Shane ride way too far for way too long, talking Trevor into doing things that they both know he has no business doing, or simultaneously shaming and admiring Brandon’s way-too-tight running tights, she spends her days educating the future of tomorrow, eating delicious tacos, taking every official race photo with her “flying arms”, and bringing a bright light into the lives of all who have the pleasure of interacting with her.

She’s also a total badass.

Follow Tammy’s official progress @unicornsparkleadventure.


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