Trevor...........Trevor Cumming............Where to start............There is no way this description will live up to the man that is Trevor Cumming. But I’ll give it a shot. It’s hard to picture Trevor as an adult, never mind as a child growing up. I picture a stauky, awkward, cocky, lippy child who grew way too tall, waaay faster than everyone. To boot he was the WHITEST PERSON most children had ever seen. We know the kid. I think it fits. Trevor stood out.

Fast forward to University.  The year is 2003. It is a beautiful day. As I’m walking towards Science A, I see this awkward looking student - white as a ghost - arranging multiple pieces of sheet metal trying to catch as much sun and a little color as possible.  I hesitantly approached and quietly suggested, the color has been lost from him forever and “hey … I got this club for thinkers. We have a couch, want to be friends?”

This was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Trevor can string together words unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. I once used him in a class to be a “fake expert” supporting policies that pay low-wages to workers in third world countries. Words cannot do justice to the looks on the 30+ bleeding heart arts students as he defended the creatively named “Family Employment Institutions”.

I cannot talk about Trevor without mention of his penchant for eating. It is something to see. One patty was never enough on a burger and I’m pretty sure he single handedly kept all the Subways in the vicinity of the university in business. I think he must have had a second use for those Subway bags …. but I digress.

Trevor went on to take his smooth talking ways to big boy law school in Edmonton. In his uniquely unassuming manner, I’m positive he was the life of the party, made friends with everyone, and was followed by a troop adoring, giggling boys and girls. “Oh Trevor you’re so funny. Tell me again why you were wearing a skirt!” A contagious individual to be around and a heck of a smart guy. Ya. He did alright in Edmonton.

It wasn’t until years later that our paths crossed.  Trevor now a big shot lawyer in Vancouver. With his posh downtown condo. His 2011 Buick Regal Turbo and his “climate change, whaaat” 1968 Buick Riviera. An impressive collection of suits gives him the mark of someone important - he likely flew to London to buy the suits, because “Alfred is the best tailor around.”

I have to mention at this point that Trevor’s the kind of guy that commits 100% to anything he does. Drive to mexico? Hell yes, but let’s wear sombreros and rent an el camino first! This is a guy who wrote a 5 page email to all his friends and family about why Fast and the Furious is the best movie series ever. FIVE PAGES. The man knows how to have fun and when he is in, he is in.

So here we are, December 2014, reunited over pints. A few hours into catching up and Trevor droning on and on about how he is really into triathlons and, oh ya, he had signed up for this first IRONMAN 70.3 in Victoria. I’m not even sure how I kept consuming my beverages with my jaw on the floor.  An IRONMAN! Are you kidding me? What? Trevor can swim?

I knew Trevor was no slob. He went to the gym. Took care of himself as much as the next university student but endurance sports! I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it.

Trevor’s not a natural athlete. I don’t think he’d disagree. If you want to see heart rates above 200 beats per minute on a 10km run. He’s your guy. He looks like Mr. Potato Head trying to ride his bike.  

But don’t underestimate this man. Trevor’s a grinder. A true grinder. He does the research. He does the training and he gets results. I’ve never seen anyone enter a multisport event, where they had little to no experience in any of the three events and systematically put in the work, train, grind and achieve his goals.

Trevor has really taken a liking to this sport, from basically ground zero. For those of you considering your first event, this man is truly an inspiration to follow. It isn’t always about the big numbers, long distance and fast times. If you want to find the motivation to do a tri, put a plan in place, stick to it, race your own race and have a ton of fun doing it, this is your guy.

When he isn’t training his ass off, he’s probably concocting his next adventure, tinkering with his cars, working his way to becoming a Vancouver soccer hooligan or creating his own triathlon events to win.

Follow Trevor on instagram @unicornsparkleadventure and @sacdet as we grind our way to IRONMAN 140.6.

You won’t be disappointed.


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