It all started a long long time ago when a mother had a dream of having a graceful ballerina for a daughter ... and so at the age of 4 little Ali started leading her active life. However, for every mountain she has climbed, race run, or games played she has done so with little grace. 

Considered a Gal-naissance (female that is able to play almost every sport at an average to epic level), she has committed her life to field hockey, soccer, rugby, running, basketball, waterskiing, bootcamping, hiking, swimming, cycling, and most recently triathlons. This impressive resume is marked with always finishing within her age category's ascribed time! She has played field hockey at the local, provincial, national, and now international level. While field hockey and team sports remain her passion, she enjoys the opportunity to really challenge her limits in individual pursuits when the opportunities arise.

Ali is currently living across the pond in jolly ol'London working as a life long learning. While pursuing her studies she has opted to procrastinate from paper writing and exam prepping by taking on her biggest fitness challenge yet! Ali will be competing in the London to Surrey 100 bike race in July. She has never biked further then a 45 min spin class but is confident that she can complete this task, the Angry Unicorn motivating her the entire .

She is looking forward to being a member of TUSA and can't wait to motivate y'all!

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