Let me first say that this race report is a very blunt way I look at racing. I write these reports the day of or the day after racing. I generally am never that happy with my races, I always want more out of myself and this can be seen in this report. Usually a few days later I can cool off a bit and think about all the good things that did happen and how I can improve for next time. You might look at this and think I am a bit hard on myself, but that is who I am and that is what drives me to be better at what I do every day.

Overall: 4:30:41

7th Age Group

31st Male

 33rd Overall

Swim: 28:15

Shit show. No other words to describe this one. Usually after the first 500 or so I can find some clean water with just a couple people to pace off. But this one was different. I was literally fighting through the swim the whole time. Constantly getting people off me, having people swim over me (just being dicks!) Or swerving in front of me and slowing down. Usually at the front of the swim it isn’t that bad with people knowing what they are doing but this was a messy fight. I really couldn’t find a good draft and it was just a bit frustrating through the swim.

Transition 1: 3:06

Continue the shit show. Are you fucking kidding me. What a learning opportunity here. I need to say screw the sleeveless wetsuit and go for a full sleeve. I wear a sleeved tri kit and with a sleeveless wetsuit I don’t want the tri suit to cause any drag so I keep the suit around my waste until transition to pull it up onto my arms. This worked okay when I did it at IM Coeur d’Alene when I had helpers pull it on for me. But doing this myself with wet sleeves and one ended up being inside out and I was constantly just standing at my bike wasting time trying to get this on. I could have been top 5 AG easily without this screw up!

Bike: 2:33:01

Taking my bike to the shop when I get home. Shifting was terrible and was skipping gears. First half amazing, second half shit. It was just a rough day and a hard course. There is no time to get into any type of rhythm because they are just constantly rolling and spiking hills. The first half is faster than the second by a lot. Went through 28 miles in 1:13 and the second half in 1:20, it was just a ride where I never felt comfortable. Some of the hills I had to go harder on just because my bike wouldn’t shift into the lowest gear. I was just getting annoyed. I also need to figure out a better aero bottle system, it was rattling and moving around. I will figure that one out when I get home and before the next race. At 2 hrs in I realized I wasn’t going to go sub 2:30 which is what I did last year. This year it just seemed harder. I just had my two bottles of nutrition, the first one with 75g carbs, and the second with 50. I only finished off about 100g of carbs through the whole ride. By the time I felt like I needed to pee I backed off the nutrition. I couldn’t pee during the ride even when I tried to so I just kept riding and not drinking too much anymore. Stomach felt fine and the energy levels felt pretty good too. As I neared the end of the ride I took each downhill as an opportunity to slightly stretch out the legs and prep for the run.

Run: 1:25:09

I know the goal was sub 1:20, but looking back at the results and only seeing that 5 pros broke 1:20 and just by the nick of time too. It’s not a fast course. I ran from 62nd overall to 33rd overall with only 2 pro woman beating me on that side of things. I would say my run is my strong weapon right now. After the first few k’s of ~3:55-4:00 I knew the sub 1:20 wasn’t going to happen because I was not running easy by any means. I was tracking people down though. Trying to catch those people who passed me on the bike. I didn’t see the guy from the sprint tri that I was tracking down until the out and back on a hill when I saw him coming down and he didn’t look to good. But I slowly brought him within striking distance a little over half way through. I came up on his back, slowly collected myself and made a move that I didn’t think he had a chance to respond to… I tried to break him pretty much! And from there I went on just trying to hold pace. There was not going to be any fast finish on this one. My legs hurt like hell and I just told myself not to slow down! At the aid stations I just grabbed cola or redbull, both were going down just fine, but they were just small sips. The last 4k was rough, I just didn’t want to slow down, some guy stopped super-fast at an aid station and I bumped into him making me almost stop, it made getting back up to speed so damn hard! The worst part was, in those last 4k I was chasing a guy in my AG and every time I made a move he somehow made one too. He got me by just a few seconds at the end and I tried so damn hard to close on him. I just couldn’t find it in my legs I guess.

Overall, I just felt a bit flat today, there didn’t seem to be a pep in my step. I wanted more out of myself, especially on the bike.

But I guess it’s what I had this race. 

Time to prepare for the next one.


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