What's up Unicorn cohorts!  One of our newest Ambassador's needs your help.  The ever inspired Vanessa Goodman has decided to dip her toe into the waters of fitness trackers, with her newly acquired Garmin Vivoactive HR.  Problem is, she doesn't even know where to begin.

In fact, here is a little excerpt from her email to us:

I look forward to seeing the engagement, and selfishly, knowing whether this $330 computer on my wrist will be worth it.
Super curious if people own it, and if they do, if they like the notifications. When I workout, I use that time to actually detach from the world, so I’m hesitant about the email/social media/text alerts that will come through this watch. I believe I can turn off the Bluetooth function so alerts wouldn’t come through, but then why am I paying for a smart watch if I don’t want that capability?
Also, it’s supposed to track all data on a variety of sports really well. But do I care what my course is and how fast I’ve gone on a Sunday morning pleasure SUP session? Not sure.
You can see my dilemma here with this watch…
My initial thoughts were to ask for ‘A thumbs up or thumbs down’ on this product. Why? Likes and dislikes? Alternatives? ….. that kind of post. So you get a ‘Thumbs up?’ pic. Hence all the forehead wrinkles. Those are on purpose. Honest.


So we're putting it out to you guys.  How has the Vivoactive treated you?  Do you have any alternates?  Good or bad experiences?  What should Vanessa be looking forward to?

Vanessa would love to hear from you as she breaks in her new training aid.  Please comment below, or on our Facebook page, and let Vanessa know what she needs to know!  And stay tuned for her first few weeks impressions!




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