Triathlon started for me in 1999, the year my dad was training for his first Ironman. We spent most weekends that summer driving around to small New-Brunswick communities that were hosting low-key sprint triathlons. No chip timing, no carbon things, lots of mountain bikes…that type of low-key.

Most of these events would also hold mini kids tris. So my brother and I would line up at the start line with our game faces on. I would wear my favorite Winnie the Pooh bathing suit with ruffles around the waist (I had yet to learn about drag …obviously), and then I would only do the swim and run part because I didn’t really like biking. Not much has changed there.

While I remember being super impressed with my dad exercising for a really really really long time on the actual day of the Ironman, my interest in triathlon faded for quite a few years after that summer.


I began to just run, a lot. I was completely focused on the road running race scene. I actually trained quite hard, even making the occasional training schedule…although not usually following it. I did anywhere from 5kms to marathons, and after many years became an accomplished mediocre runner.

I jumped back on the triathlon train in 2012 when one of my best buds inspired me by completing her first 70.3.

I chose the half iron distance as my re-entry into the sport of triathlon. And as I lined up at that start line wearing a wetsuit I had never swam in, no more than 6 training rides under my belt, and no concept of what this “brick workout” chatter in transition was all about, I realized I had potentially made a big mistake.

My race that day featured all those key learning experiences from the classic panic attack in the water, to 2 flats on the bike, to a finishing chute being packed up as I ran through one of the final finishers.

Despite a bit of a rocky start, I eventually got the hang of the whole triathlon thing and have now completed a couple of 70.3s and a full Ironman.

Actually, just as I was about to move away from triathlons again and shift my focus to trail running in those beautiful BC mountains… I met Trevor (formerly known as Kevin Swimming) in a swim class, and now somehow find myself an official member of Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure working my way up to my 2nd 140.6......

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