This blog represents a lot of first. We've discussed Brandon's and Trevor's first ever triathlons. The first time we put on a wetsuit. The first time we swam in open water. The first time we crossed a finish line. The first time our man bits went numb. Well, it appears that Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure will be throwing in an extra event and another first before Trevor takes on IRONMAN Arizona and I tackle IRONMAN Cozumel - The RBC GranFondo.

Regular readers of this blog will find it no surprise that I'm stoked for this event. For me, I will take a 100+ km ride on my bike through the gorgeous Rocky Mountains any day of the week. The added fact that I get to travel to Vancouver and Whistler is merely icing on the cake.

However, for my wonderful teammate Mr. Trevor Cumming, our readers may be a little more surprised. This is the man who lamented the last bike ride we did in Whistler. Who dislikes riding his bike off of the trainer at all. This man, has signed up for the race and I couldn't be more proud!!!!! (Tammy, if you're reading this I am in awe at the things you seem to get this man to do. Your powers of persuasion are impressive)

Why are we doing this? Well first of all, it means we get to spend time with Tammy and Shane in their awesome Whistler Cabin ;) but also, importantly, it provides an awesome event to put in some solid cycling practice prior to our IRONMAN events.

Here is what we have signed up for.

Trevor is doing the GranFondo - 122km which leaves out of Stanley Park at Brockton Point. Riders will begin heading west at the Nine O’clock Gun on Stanley Park Drive and continue around Brockton Point Lighthouse, winding along the two-lane road through Stanley Park and make their way onto the Stanley Park Causeway. Once on the causeway, riders will enjoy a spectacular view over the Lions Gate Bridge and up Taylor Way to get onto the upper levels Trans Canada Hwy with a right of way at all intersections. Then the journey begins along the beautiful Sea to Sky highway all the way to Whistler.

Myself, I've decided to add a little distance and climbing and do the Forte - 152km. The Forte is the GranFondo with a little bit of extra distance and climbing. It consists of a smal detour up to the summit of Cypress (an additional 30 KM and almost 800 meters of elevation).

Once again, we've unloaded some cash for the pure pleasure of beating ourselves up..... Here is to another first! Should be a blast.



















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