The most talked about piece of equipment for any cyclist or triathlete alike ... the Bike. "What kind of kind of bike do you ride?" is by far the most common question I get from people. So, here you go. Our rides:

Brandon's Bike

My current bike is the 2013 FELT Z5. The bike is super light and speedy, weighing in at 18.26lbs (8.30kg). Outfitted with a UHC Performance MMC Carbon Fiber frame w/ 3KP weave it rides smooth and handles nicely. The drivetrain is Shimano Tiagra STI, braze-on front derailleur, rear derailleur, FSA Omega BB30 50/34T crankset, 10-speed chain,12-32T cassette. I ride the the Mavic CXP 22 / Felt Road wheels that came with it.

At the time a great entry level carbon frame bike for the price, a purchase I will never regret. I have made a few alterations to my Felt Z5; the result of a bike fit I had done in 2015.  I added a longer stem and wider handlebars.  This greatly increased the comfort of the bike, especially on longer rides.

I’m currently looking to add a tri bike to my arsenal (I love my FELT, I will not get rid of it), but that requires a dedicated post coming coon.

Trevor's Bike

I ride a 2013 Masi Premiare PC3 XL with Shimano 105 groupo.  It’s an endurance road bike, and it’s massive because, well, I’m massive (apparently).  It’s so big that at the Ironman Victoria a lady actually said to me (herself standing beside her $5000 Time Trial machine) “whoa, way to cyclecross it out”.  i.e. “That has no business being here but good on ya, sport.”

I bought it from a local shop for a steal because they literally said “this bike has been sitting here because we haven’t had anyone that can fit it”.  Well I fit it, and I love it.  It gives me that “tingle behind my penis” feeling every time I see it.  I’ve supped her up with some Profile Design clip-on aero bars to make me cool, and because for some reason I am most comfortable in aero, which is weird in triathlon world.  

That said, it’s no time trial weapon.  So once my FTP increases to something around the average 10 year old child’s - yes, I am that poor a cyclist - and I don’t need the 32 tooth granny gear to get up the smallest incline, I’ll be looking at adding another.  I won’t be “replacing” the Masi, I will keep and continue to love this bike.  I’ll just get her a younger, fitter, faster sister.  I mean that’s what all men really want, right?

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