It is actually hard to believe that it is October all ready. As I write this, the leaves are falling off the trees in front of me and the wake-up temperature is dangerously close to below-zero. While Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm officially indoor bound for the rest of my training efforts - stationary bike, treadmills and indoor pools. In my August update I mentioned that September would not be an easy month for training consistency. I was right.

However, while I had some ebs and flows I put in a solid month again, consistent with previous months. I've also made some significant improvements on this years issue that has been hampering my performance - my run. All in all, having spent a week in another country and three days sleeping in a tepee with no cell phone coverage, I'm pretty darn happy with this months efforts.


Right in my typical range. Importantly, higher running and swimming numbers. I've also added some mobility and strength training, specifically focused on my core and knees.

September by the numbers:

  • Swimming: 8.15 km
  • Cycling: 508.93 km
  • Running: 47.48 km
  • Total: 564.56 km
  • Training Time: 27.33 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 22,776

So, despite September challenges with work and life responsibilities, I managed a good month and feel pretty good. However, it is officially crunch time. The clock is ticking and it is buckle down time. October looks good so far in terms of work/life balance and travel responsibilities, but who knows what the month will bring. The count down is on to IRONMAN Cozumel!


The focus for October is consistency:

  • Sticking to my schedule - it is time to put my schedule and training first and foremost. I'm scheduling out the next 8 weeks and going to stick too it.
  • Diet - Always a focus for me. I'm going to really focus on getting to my ideal race weight; shed a few pounds and lessen the impact on my body when I run and lighten the load on my bike when I ride. I need to shed 10-15 pounds easy, obviously not in September but by November
  • Reducing stress - the time has come to slow things down and focus on the mental aspects of the sport. I'm going to focus myself internally this month and try to reduce external stresses that have impacted my training in the past. Yoga, meditation and a focus on recovery will be huge this month. The mental challenge is as hard if not harder than the physical and it is time to stop neglecting it.

I feel good heading into October. I'm ready to buckle down and focus.

Happy Training Everyone!

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