I didn’t come into the sport completely green. I’ve been on bikes for as long as I can remember. When I was 16/17 I would bike from the farm to my grandparents town to work.  I’m not a stranger to the weekend warrior type of riding. Swimming? Sure I could swim, but I preferred splashing around in a lake or ocean, if at all.

Running? Trevor isn’t too far off with his antelope comment. Not my preferred method of exercise.

Putting them all together. Crazy.

December 2014. Trevor is in town for Christmas visiting. Let’s try get together for drinks he says. No problem, It’s been a long time. So there we are, knocking back stein after stein and it drops, “Brandon, I’ve signed up for an IRONMAN 70.3 in Victoria, you should totally do it with me! I’ve got little to no training, you ride your bike so you’re halfway there. Come on. It will be fun.”

I’ve got to say I was intrigued from the get go. Not because I thought I could do it. No. It was more along the lines of, “if Trevor seriously thinks he can do it, really why couldn’t I?” I know he played me. I know he said all the right things. I agreed anyway. I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but I agreed.

I had never seen a triathlon. I didn’t know the difference between Sprint, Olympic or IRONMAN. I knew I had to swim, bike and run. I owned a bike, shoes and trunks. How hard could it be? I signed up. Zero research. I just paid the fee and told Trevor. He was ecstatic.

So I turned to google. Wow. These men and women are gooooood. The effort, the planning, the training and the dedication splashed on the screen with every stroke, every push of the pedal and every foot that hit the pavement. I was impressed. I was motivated.

Let’s be clear about one thing at this stage of the story: at this stage I was soft. I wasn't out of shape, but I certainly wasn't in tip top shape. Athlete? Beerfest, maybe.

Then came the remorse. Holy shit. What did I get myself into? I have how long to finish? I have to swim how far? What the hell is a transition area or bag? I was starting to immediately regret my decision.

Oh ya … and I was heading out on a month long vacation to Japan in February of 2015. It is now already the middle of January and I haven't done a lick of training. 

What have I got myself into?

To be continued ..........

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