It's Monday and you all know what that means!

Books I'm Listening to/Reading

Beyond Training Mastering Endurance, Health & Life by Ben Greenfield  Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

Article of the Week

This week's article is a short article and a video. The topic ..... Do shaved legs make you faster? You may be very surprised to find out the results. Take a look. Will you shave or won't you?

Words that Caught My Eye

“If you wait for the perfect conditions, you will never start” ~ various

Gear that is Cool

COBI is a very cool system that integrates your phone and your bike into a fully functional system. Perfect for commuting, the COBI system and app provides everything you need. Apple and Android apps are available. It is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. This app has it all - calories, speed, heart rate, navigation, take incoming calls, see texts and has a handy little remote that attaches to your handle bars.  Definitely worth a look. (I've also got one for sale if anyone is interested :))

Stretches of the Week

I'm turning back to Levi's Core Challenge featuring one of my favourites for mobility and stretching: Kelly Starrett. This particular gem is a beauty for those of us who spend a lot of time sitting for work or what not. Take some of that time idle time and put it to work on increasing your mobility. Unfortunately, no video embedded this time, you'll have to click on the link. 

Happy Training Everyone!!!