Another month closer to my goal and I can't stop but think of how quickly time is flying by.  The challenges and hurdles mount, as do the success. July was a particularly interesting month. A lot was going on, the weather was insane, and I successfully completed my second 70.3 this year. As I write this, the rains are pouring down again on downtown Calgary. A quick recap of July:

  • It rained or thunder stormed everyday in Calgary - most notably however not on my race day! (it didn't actually, but it sure felt like it)
  • 10-days of distraction thanks to Calgary Stampede
  • I continued rehab on my leg (unsuccessfully to-date)
  • I moved
  • I changed jobs
  • I completed the Calgary 70.3 IRONMAN on July 24th

Despite all this, I still had a very successful July - topping many if not all of my numbers from June. I'm also quite happy to have finished my second 70.3 this year and in as many months; a first for me in my young triathlon career.

July by the numbers:

  • Swimming: 7.88 km 
  • Cycling: 672.54 km 
  • Running: 30.13 km 
  • Total: 710.73 km
  • Training Time: 32.5 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 19,952

All and all, a good outing this month. I clocked the most KM's I've ever done in a month on my bike. This is largely due to the running injury I was nursing. The logic being, if I can't run, get my ass out on the bike to keep up my conditioning. It definitely paid off, as I also logged my fastest 40km on the bike and put down a very respectable 2:27:31 at Calgary 70.3 (also my fastest 90km).

On the running front, wellllllllll..........the IT Band injury continued to bug me all month and despite a concentrated effort at rehabilitating it, it reared its ugly head during Calgary 70.3. I have had a successful run in August and rehab continues. I'm hoping August will bring a much larger blue bar. Fingers crossed. Just kidding, I'm working really hard to make that happen, I doubt crossing my fingers will do shit.

Swimming was pretty consistent. I worked hard on the three-stroke breathing and I'm getting better and faster. I clocked my fastest race time swim in July and more importantly didn't have my "freak" out moment in the water that I have experienced at my previous two events. I'm taking a more systematic approach to my swimming and feel really good.

Screenshot (66)
Screenshot (66)

August is shaping up to be a good month. I'm focused and ready to get back to training after a few slack days following my last race. I've got a few priorities to work on and I'm expecting a big month this month. Ironman Cozumel is a mere 4 months away and the Whistler GranFondo is in the middle of September to break up the training schedule.

Honestly, things are feeling really good. I know there is a lot of work ahead but I feel I'm getting stronger everyday and learning a lot. I've got a huge supporting cast that is amazing and preparations are being made for them to join me in Cozumel in November. I couldn't be more excited and I will not let them down or myself.

The Grind continues!

As I look forward my priorities will be:

  • Strength Training - 2-3 times a week. I have neglected strength training because I found it just too demanding on my schedule. This has been a major oversight and something I am going to correct. Focus will be core, lower body and shoulders. I believe that has contributed to my running injury and will look to correct over the next little while.
  • Swimming - I'm feeling more confident in the water, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done. My focus is going to continue to be getting away from breathing every 2 strokes to every 3 strokes. This is a challenge for me and is going to take time but I believe will pay huge dividends. I'm also going to focus on spending longer and longer periods in the pool, as shit just got real, 3.8 km is the new target.
  • Diet - Always a focus for me. I'm going to really focus on getting to my ideal race weight; shed a few pounds and lessen the impact on my body when I run and lighten the load on my bike when I ride.

Happy Training Everyone!

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