Welcome to the final installment of my Progress Reports for 2016 and let me tell you I could not be more happy!!! October was a huge volume and time month. November represents the culmination of all my hard work and training.

I may not have pumped out the same volume from a km sense, what I did accomplish was much more satisfying - completing IRONMAN Cozumel!!!!

Yup. I did it. I actually did it.

While I will no doubt give a complete run down of the race in future posts to come, at this particular moment we turn to November's efforts.

How did November look? While, even with a significant amount of the month being devoted to tapering, travelling and an "Oh my goodness, did I just twist my knee on that rock. Yup, Now i'm limping. I better take it easy the next two days. Race is coming soon" kind of attitude, I still managed to put in an above average month and some good solid training.


November by the numbers:

  • Swimming: 15.38 km
  • Cycling: 851.65 km
  • Running: 124.96 km
  • Total: 991.99 km
  • Training Time: 47:04 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 30,928

So what is next? Well I can say with certainty that December will see a much deserved drop in activity and volume. My season has officially ended.

I've got a few plans in the works for next year that will be illuminated in due time, until then I'm going to reflect on my accomplishments and take some time to reward those who stood by me through think and thin. Isn't it wonderful that Christmas is around the corner???!!!! What a perfect opportunity to do so.

Happy Training Everyone!!!

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