There is only one thing to say about October: I F*%^ING CRUSHED IT I had an amazing October and it came exactly when it needed to.

I set personal bests in running, biking and swimming.

I surpassed over 1000 hard found, sweat induced, ground out KM - more than 250 total km than ever before!

I followed my schedule 90%, which is pretty damn good if you ask me.

And finally, I feel stronger and more confident than ever!


Why the strength and confidence? Well, a few reasons actually. October not only saw huge training hours and volume increases but a few important confidence boosting workouts helped a lot:

  • I did three trainer rides of 4+ hours - my longest ever, pushed out near the full IRONMAN distance - 180km
  • After each of those rides I successfully transitioned with an hour or hour and half run - my longest brick training sessions as well.
  • My running felt great. I changed my form, I've been strengthening my glutes and core and feel good on the run
  • I performed a 3 hour run - my longest ever (on a treadmill even) and easily could have completed the remaining 12km for marathon distance.

So all and all, I couldn't be happier with October.

October by the numbers:

  • Swimming: 9.53 km
  • Cycling: 896.03 km
  • Running: 142.30 km
  • Total: 1,047.85 km
  • Training Time: 48:15 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 36,489

The count down continues to IRONMAN Cozumel! Bring on November!!!


The focus for November is consistency:

  • Sticking to my schedule and the big taper: I've been struggling a little with keeping the motivation going. I'm getting close and a little exhausted and the feeling of me being ready is actually more dangerous than not. So I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to get it done. Tapering starts soon so I'm hoping that will help.
  • Diet - Always a focus for me and more important then ever. I'm going to continue my focus specifically on race-day nutrition, which has been going extremely well for me lately.
  • Focusing on the mental - the time has come to slow things down and focus on the mental aspects of the sport. I'm going to focus myself internally this month and try to reduce external stresses that have impacted my training in the past. Yoga, meditation and a focus on recovery will be huge this month. The mental challenge is as hard if not harder than the physical and it is time to stop neglecting it.

I feel good heading into November. I'm the strongest I've been physically and feel I can do this.

Happy Training Everyone!

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