It is that time again. Another month has come and gone. May caps off a successful three month program - with March & April firmly behind me. I hit June feeling a little sore, a little exhausted, nursing a few tender spots but extremely prepared and cautiously confident that I can hit my goal times for Victoria 70.3!

May By The Numbers

  • Swimming: 13.69 km (a personal best for me - not quite 4.5 km a week)
  • Cycling: 508.95 km
  • Running: 92.60 km 
  • Total: 615.24 km
  • Training Time: 32.48 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 22,552 

Screenshot (28)

By the numbers May looks like a good month. Swimming volume was up, a lot. I definitely focused on the pool. Cycling volume was down. Running volume was down. I have and continue to be struggling with some calf issues. This has impacted both my run and cycling volumes. On the flip side, it has significantly increased my stretching and mobility focus. With the bad comes the good.

As I got closer to race day I had to make some sacrifices in volume and intensity, in order to not over do it. Maybe I played it a little safe, maybe I didn't. Come June 12th, I guess we shall see. Time will tell.

I type this sitting 3 days out from my first test of the season, IRONMAN Victoria 70.3. I'm a little nervous but a whole lot more prepared.

Instead of outlining my focuses for June, I thought it would be interesting to compare my 2015 numbers leading into my first ever triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3, with this years efforts. (Notice the scale difference)

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (28)I've definitely put in more time this time around. By a significant margin. I've focused more on all aspects of my training. I feel stronger. More prepared and much more confident this time around. I'm ready to test out the impact of the increased training.

As we all know anything can happen on race day Sunday!

Keep checking out the blog to see how the first race of the season goes, as I return to where it all started!

Happy Training or Racing for those whose season is kicking off too!