Here we go kids! Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure is off to Whistler to see the sites and grind out some hard earned mountain miles in advance of Victoria Ironman 70.3. Affiliate Team Terrific Tammy (our resident Boston Marathon finisher) will be hosting and we will keep you updated on all of our terrific training progress throughout the weekend.Ironman Canada Course Map Our basic itinerary:

  • Brandon is already en route from Calgary. Follow his adventures on our Instagram account. By now he should be thoroughly enjoying the view of the majestic Rocky Mountains by day, and spooning Intrepid by night (and also maybe by day, he's a bit obsessed);

  • I load up Friday from Vancouver for the quick drive up to picturesque Whistler. Late arrival means party time. Just good food but no training. So let's see if we can walk that line between play and "OMG how am I ever going to ride my bike tomorrow". It's a pretty fluid line... (pun intended).

  • Saturday is our first ride. For those of you who have ever looked up the Ironman Canada bike course, we are basically doing the first (southern) leg of it. Come to think of it, here's a handy little route map.

So we're doing the big hill part up to Callaghan, and then back down, and then we might go up again if we (I) feel like it, and then back down, and then home, and that's it for the day. Party time. Oh well Tammy might go to the bike park because she's insane but I'm a-scared of the bike park so I'll just cheer for her and maybe play with her dog Digbee (Digbee enjoys digging for stuff, running away from bears, and licking my head when I'm sitting in the hottub).Ironman Canada Elevation

  • Sunday we're doing the rest of the Ironman course. The long haul out to Pemberton Meadows. Personally, I'm a little nervous about this section. It's the longest ride I've attempted and the return trip is 35km up a monster hill. Good thing I have those granny gears.  Also, Tammy has promised we'll stop off at a biker bar.  I'm sure I'll fit in great in my one piece muscle tri-suit I'll be wearing.  It makes me look super tough.

  • Monday is swim/run day. So, we will swim in a lake, and run somewhere. People have said "it's too cold to swim". Well to my fair weather friends I say "grow a pair". Mine will be frozen, but they'll be grown (I hope); I'm good with that. We will probably run far, but far is relative, seeing as Brandon and Tammy can literally run twice as far as I can in the same time. Brandon has promised his infamous tighty tight tight running tights. Ladies (and Gentlemen) you won't want to miss the division sign of greatness that is Brandon's running tights.... That will be on Instagram for sure!

I'm sure in addition to training there will be a few hilarious adventures along the way (cage dancing anyone?) so be sure to follow us on our various socializing media sources as Camp Unicorn Sparkle Adventure: Whistler Edition hits full stride this weekend.