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Get Race Ready: Make the Most of Your Indoor Bike Training with These 3 Tips


Get Race Ready: Make the Most of Your Indoor Bike Training with These 3 Tips

I like to consider myself a cycling purist. What do I mean by that? Well, I use it in the sense that I would much prefer to ride outdoors than indoors. This is in contrast to Trevor, who prefers to ride outside under very special circumstances, like, well, races.

While this sounds great, in practice, the majority of my bike training is done indoors - even in the summer.


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Jetfluid and Road Machine - Our Indoor Trainers

Training in Calgary and Vancouver means that a lot of training is going to be done indoors. Honestly, I think Trevor and I would both agree, sometimes an indoor ride is just a whole lot more convenient. Coupled with a good training program, your investment in a good indoor trainer can be one of the most important ones you can make in helping you achieve your goal. Trevor and I ride two different, equally valuable, trainers. Brandon's Indoor Trainer

Another recent upgrade for this training season was ditching my old Tacx Blue Matic trainer for the Kinetic Road Machine. The reason for the change is simple: I wanted to make the change to power training.  After some extensive researching the Road Machine coupled with TrainerRoad software is the cheapest, most effective way I found to achieve this.

The Roach Machine uses fluid resistance to replicate an outdoor ride. In a fluid trainer, resistance is created by turning a blade inside a container of fluid. This resistance is progressive, it increases as wheel speed increases.  They say it generates a power curve that closely resembles and outdoor ride. My legs and lungs agree.  This coupled with the training plans and rides from TrainerRoad have substantially elevated my training this year. This is a fantastic machine and the most significant upgrade I've made in my training for 2016.  

A more in depth review can be found here at one of my favourite sites DC Rainmaker or from Kinetic themselves.

Trevor's Trainer

I ride the Cycleops Jetfluid Pro.  Really there are only two trainers in the game.  The one I ride, and the one Brandon rides (the Road Machine).  I know there are fancy computer controlled ones and stuff, and with this sport no one is ever going to tell you not to spend money, but for my purposes the Jetfuid is great.

My only complaint is that the enclosure that houses the impeller is cheap plastic and seals the impeller just enough that dust can get in and start to squeak.  That doesn’t happen on the Road Machine with its open impeller.  The squeaks can get annoying, so you have to get in there with a cloth and try and clean things out from time to time, and it’s not that easy to do.

I also have the Cycleops trainer kit.  So the nifty rubber mat, a“g-string” think to keep your bike dry from sweat (the sweat thing is an issue.  So get something to cover your bike.  Seriously, it will rust.  It’s actually pretty gross.), some risers for hills, and a DVD.  I bought it as a package and they forgot to include the DVD so I complained and the sent me the DVD by separate mail which I had to pick up in the US and I still have never even unwrapped it, but I got it!

Missed what we ride or what supports our beautiful derriere's?

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