After 16.5 hours of training last week capping off a very full three week build, this week is my "recovery week". The last recovery week actually before a hard effort next week, and then a gradual taper until race day. Recovery weeks are the worst. More specifically, the day after recovery days are the absolute worst.

Yesterday I did not exercise at all. I did not run, I did not bike, I did not swim or fly a kite. I worked and ate and stretched and slept and sat around and shopped (online).

And today I feel like I have the flu and my body is on panic mode (I don't have the flu, FYI).

You should have heard my inner monologue last night. It was ridiculous: - "You need to rest, it's recovery week" - "Nah, just go run for like an hour, you have a huge race coming up. You don't want to backslide" - "No! You need to rest. You only get stronger during rest" - "That doesn't make sense, you get stronger working harder! Just go for 30 minutes" - "Don't you dare, you stay right here and do nothing! I'm warning you..." ~cocks back of hand in threatening manner~

         ~ And scene

For some of you that might sound silly. How hard is it to just have a rest day? I thought that way too, when I was a "casual" exerciser (I miss those days. My best sport was all you can eat buffet-ing). I'd think nothing about watching TV in place of running or going to bed early because I felt like it.

But this Ironman training stuff changes you. It makes you bonkers, totally bonkers. Total body break down + the mental stress of being drained all the time = normal things don't compute.

Today I will feel like crap all day. And tonight I will run and bike at a relaxed intensity, because my body will take days to heal. And I will hate every minute of it.

But I know that next week I will be stronger for it, lots stronger. And I will like that!

Faith in recovery; stick to the program. 31 days to go!