A little task and goal I started a few weeks back was to start reducing and replacing the gels, gummies and energy drinks I used as fuel on my longer endurance training sessions. This post is a follow-up on my rice cake experiment, as well as an introduction to my latest attempt - Energy Balls. First off, the Rice Cakes. I was pleasantly surprised with the rice cakes. They were easy to make, they kept well and most importantly they are easily modified to your particular taste profile or nutrition requirements.  

I found the cakes very easy to eat and store on my ride. They also kept me well fed and energized throughout the rides, including rides over 100km.

A few findings on my first attempt with making the rice cakes:

  • Make portions smaller- I made my portions way too big. It made them clumsy to eat and I found I was eating them for way too long. Next time I would make them smaller, so they are easier to digested and eat while on the move.
  • Add a little more flavour - the apple cakes I made were a little bland. I would add a little more apple and cinnamon next time. I might try mango or chocolate chips as well just to add a little flavour.
  • Pay more attention to the wrapping- I was a little lazy with the wrapping and would definitely take a little more care this time.

This week we've got .............

Energy Balls

I'm sure you've all seen some sort of energy ball recipe and that this isn't new to many of you. However, keeping with my goal of recipes that are customizable and easy to transport, they seemed like a good choice.

Simple ingredients: peanut butter (almond butter), oats, vanilla flax, chocolate chips, salt, protein, honey, coconut. You could add anything chia seeds, nuts, fruit - the options are endless.


Just throw all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them together and let them sit in the fridge for 30-45 mins. Roll into balls and wrap. Easy peasy.

Happy Training Everyone!!!

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