I'm now entering into the third installment of my search for some real food alternatives to fueling those long-ass endurance runs and I've got to say it has been pretty successful so far. While I certainly haven't fully eliminated the gels and gummy fuel sources, I've made good progress in alternating in some real food options. The verdict so far: Fantastic.

I've found the rice cakes and energy balls to provide me with the needed energy and sustenance to power through my workouts, avoid bonking and just straight up feeling great. So with the positive results so far, there is no other option but to keep experimenting and trying new options.

Last weeks energy balls were fantastic. I found them an excellent option on my bike rides, as a pick me up after say a swim and honestly I took them to work as a great snack to get me through the afternoon energy drain. All and all, a quick and excellent option for anyone.

This week:

Orange Almond Macaroons

I got this recipe from The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes  which I strongly recommend for anyone and everyone. It is chalker blocked full of amazing recipes that are quick, easy and delicious.  These macaroons are no different.

Like all baking it is easy. Put the ingredients in bowl, exactly as directed. Mix together and bake. The incredients are pretty straight forward and you likely have most of it in your pantry already. Consistent with my other recipes, these are easy to customize to your tastes. I like oranges and almonds so it was a perfect fit.

Total prep and bake time was 30 mins.

Spoiler alert for next week .... These are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Training Everyone!!

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