It is no surprise that Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure uses the Garmin Forerunner 920XT. Really, the only name in the game is Garmin.  Sure you can try the others, but they seem more like cult followings than anything serious. We both have the Garmin 920XT like 98% of triathletes out there.  It is by no means perfect.  Actually, sometimes it straight up frustrating.  But it’s the best tool I can find, so I’ll deal with its quirks, its lock-ups, and the disaster that can be Garmin Connect. We rely on it as a crutch for training (as lovers of data and analytics, it feels weird not having having it on our wrist) but boy can the watch and Garmin Connect be glitchy. Their customer service has been top notch though. So there is that.

That being said, it is the best watch I’ve tried and all research suggests it is one of, if not the best out there, especially for multisport athletes. No need to recreate the wheel, for a full review I’ve found none better than DC Rainmakers.

We both plan on adding the HRM Tri for the swim heart rate feature later this season and will report back how that works out.

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