PANIC!! Right, 4 weeks (less two days) to go until the Victoria Half-Ironman


Now I'm supposed to give sage advice like be calm, trust your training plan, believe in yourself, blah blah blah.  Screw that.


Okay but for serious (haha, kidding, serious is lame) I can't wait for our new tri-suits to come in. We're going to look so pro! (and I'm going to go so slow....)

I'm actually pumped. I've already given the obligatory "hey guys, I won't be hanging out and doing fun things for 4 weeks" talk to those that matter (now, which of you are wondering if you're received the talk and if you 'matter'? Don't worry, YOU ALL MATTER!).

It is time to hunker down, but it's also time to enjoy. The marvel of the human body means I can lose a lot of fitness in the next 4 weeks if I eat cheetos and drink syrup (mmmm, cheetos and syrup #classiccanadian) but I'm not going to be able to gain a tremendous amount of fitness in that same time. So what I am focused on is maintenance with some race specific efforts (yeah right, on race day it's all one specific effort), refining (but not changing) technique, creating drive, the will to finish, and maybe a little bit of nutrition practice so I don't turn that white tri-suit we picked (that was dumb) a rainbow of body fluid colours depending on my level of discomfort come race day.

Mmmmmm, discomfort.

Anyway, nose to the grind stone. Stay tuned! It's going to be a fun 4 weeks!