Let this sink in for a second.

John, our TUSA Ambassador, steps up to the start line of Ironman Coeur d'Alene at 6am this morning.  9h51m40s later, John emerges from the run with a second place age group finish, seventh place overall, besting 973 other athletes on the day.

I am absolutely floored.  John, our collective hats are off to you.

It's why I love this team.  Because here we have athletes from all walks of life.  Misfits, parents, contenders and podium finishers, through all walks of life, of all abilities.  The Angry Unicorn stands for all.

Here's the breakdown of John's race (unofficial at the moment):



If you'd care to know how these compare to times from a mere mortal (me), I give you a few examples (using maths, because we all like that):

- John averaged 1:28/100m for the entire distance of the swim.  Nearly 4km (2.4miles).  I tried to hit a 1:28/100m like three weeks ago in my pool, and I did....for one x 100m.  And then my heart nearly exploded.  That's right kids, John and I swim the same speed, but he can swim it 38x longer, and then bike and run after.  Insane!

- John averaged 20.4 mph over the entire 112 miles (180km) of the bike course.  My average speed in Ironman Arizona was roughly 17mph over the same distance.  So John is only 3mph faster.  Not a lot right?  Wrong.  When you break that down by watts, John held a steady power roughly 39% higher than I was able to hold over the same distance.  39% is a lot.  A lot a lot.  Imagine you had a choice between two cars, and one had 39% more horsepower.  I know which one I'd choose!

- John averaged 7:36/mile on the run.  That calculates out to 4:43/km (I'm metric).  My fastest ever km was a 4:12/km (6:46/mile) and, like my swim at 1:28/100m, the 4:12/km nearly caused my heart to explode.  In fact, I may have lost of control over my bowels at that speed.  So, for 26.2 miles (42.2km), John ran an average pace that was only 50 seconds slower per mile than a pace that made me poop myself.  Can we say double insane?  Double. Insane!

John, again, we salute you.  Well done Ambassador!!  Can't wait for the next big race.