[ED:  John doesn't know it, I don't think, unless we told him, but Ironman Coeur d'Alene has a special place in the history of Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure.  You see, years ago. one RC McCulloch took on the IMCA challenge and, although not an official team member (because he prefers to wear his old ripped tri-kit instead of our cool new stuff) his effort all of those years ago eventually inspired Trevor, who inspired Brandon, and Tammy, and not Alex because she was already inspired but we'll ignore that part for now, so Trevor and Brandon and Tammy, to do their first ever race as Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure.  The rest, as they say, is sparkles in the throes of history.  So here's to you John, on your effort and on joining a legacy that you didn't even know was out there.]   

A few thoughts on where I am one week from my Ironman.

I have been training for this Ironman Coeur d’Alene since the middle of the marathon at lasts years’ Ironman race. Last year did not go as planned, I had a great swim but then my stomach started to fail me on the bike and it left me very under fueled for the marathon which turned into a long slog of pain through the marathon. I quickly realized I was going to come back the next year and really show what I am made of...

So, one year later, here I am, one week away from putting it all on the line. I have put in the training and work to know I am ready to race an Ironman this weekend. The key word in that sentence is race, I can say I don’t want to go out there and just finish an Ironman. I want to go out and see how fast I can go on the day and see where I land at the finish. 

To be completely honest, I am nervous as hell. But I believe it to be a healthy amount of nerves. I am giving the race the respect it deserves and I know anything can happen on race day. What gives me the most nerves is wondering how my mind will respond when the body is telling it to stop. That’s what I love about this sport, it becomes more mental than physical and when that mental part takes over the physical part, you find out who you really are. 

I believe I would be foolish to try and guess my race times. So my guess is that I will be done somewhere between 9 and 12 hours. I guess we will find out what that real time is soon enough.

It will all come down to just executing my race plan and being smart about the few risks I will be taking. Race day is simple, Do Not F**k Up.