September, 2014 I started this triathlon journey thing.  I had no business being in the ocean with athletes, let alone on the bike or the run, I had a hilarious time nonetheless.

Here we are in July 2017, and it would appear, at least for now, that my body is telling me enough.  So, if I've been quiet online, it's because I've been quiet offline too.  But enough about the sad stuff.  Happy is the name of the game.

This year, Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure is on fire.  Total fire.  Our Ambassadors have brought new life (and medals) to the team, our community is growing, and we are getting amazing stories from across the world about athletes of all types who have heard the call, got inspired, and started to conquer their own challenges.  We are so thankful for your tales.  Please, write in, we love hearing from you.  

To my teammates and my Ambassadors (official and unofficial): Brandon, Mat, John, V-Nes, Ali, Bonnie, Janine, Tammy, Alex, other Alex, Morgaine, Rob, Brett, and all those other Unicorns out there, thank you for your motivation this race season.  Your inspiration inspires others (me included), and that's what we're all about.  

While I miss training, and really miss racing, I realize I'm actually super good at cheering.  So while I figure out my own modified race schedule (I can't let 2017 totally skunk me, after all), maybe I'll start a side-business as race sherpa?  Anyone out there need me to carry your bike pump and take amazing race photos that don't come out blurry and cost an arm and a leg?  Special skills include remembering your name, yelling randomly, a crazy loud clap (one of my super powers), whistle blowing, maybe an upgrade option with a weird drum or cowbell.  Who knows!

For all y'all out there racing, you keep doing you.  We're loving you for it.  For anyone on the sidelines or in the fan section, you're no less important.  If you have an athlete who is weary and struggling, don't try to understand, just stand there and smash a cowbell in their face.  They won't be struggling for much longer, I promise!