Another key element of any bike is obviously the pedals and the beautiful shoes that clip into them. My biking experience significantly improved when my naive little self was told about clip in pedals and shoes. Here I had foolishly been wearing runners are normal pedals. Let's just say there is no going back ever. Trevor's Shoes

I ride Northwave Torpedo SRS shoes.  They’re the only bike shoes I’ve ever owned.  They’re good quality, look cool, but they’re road race shoes (not tri) and they don’t fit all that well.

I have them outfitted with Currex BikePro Insoles.  I would highly highly recommend the Currex products.  Helped me with foot numbness and with allowing my feet to relax over the long miles.

I run in New Balance 940v2.  They are motion control (or stability).  Honestly they are a little too much stability, plus they kind of look like geriatric sneakers, so I’ll look for something more neutral (and shinier) next time.  I like New Balance.  I also have Currex RunPro Insoles in these shoes.

Brandon's Shoes & Pedals

I’ve recently upgraded my pedals to Shimano Ultegra SPD-SL 6800 Clipless Road Pedals.  I’m going to be honest, I bought the pedals on a Boxing Day sale because they were SUPER cheap and I did want to upgrade both my shoes and existing pedals. So purchase made, not regrets……yet. As Trevor always says, carbon is always better … or something like that.

So far I have only used them indoors on my trainer and cannot provide too much insight.  But they feel light when spinning. 

And what to I clip into those carbon beauties? Well, I’ve recently upgraded my shoes to the Specialized Expert Road. With about 1000km on them now, I’m really digging these shoes, although they are "Road Shoes" not "Tri Shoes" .... whatever. They are super light at 260 grams, extremely comfortable and look really good.  I’ve noticed that cleats have been slipping and sliding over time, but nothing major.  They are also quite "tight" when unclipping and require a little extra effort compared to my previous shoes and pedals. 

I'm sure you haven't missed it, but check out our rides if you have.  When these bad boys aren't out tearing up the road, they are affixed to these trainers.

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