Seems be to be our trend of late here at Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure, reviewing gear and stuff.  Vanessa did itJohn did it.  Well I bought a new thing too!!

But there's really no sense in doing a big old review.  First, because I don't want to.  And Second, because DCRainmaker did a more in-depth review than I think the manufacture could even do.  And he did it way back in 2014:  DCRainmaker Scosche RHYTHM+  Indeed it was the DCRainmaker review that made my buy this thing in the first place.

So who is Scosche?  Well I don't really know.  Their website suggests they mostly make car apps to like block cell phone signals and stuff.  And given that this fitness toy of theirs hasn't been updated since 2014, I'm guessing they're not really too concerned with "improving" something that works.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But I wanted one because my Garmin HR monitor had let me down time and again.  And I was really tired of the chest strap.  Indeed, I quit using one for most of my heavy training season last year.  Sacrilege I know.

So without further adieu.  My product(ish) review of teh Scosche Rhythem+ Heart Rate Monitor:

1. Unboxing

Does anyone actually care about unboxing?  Just tear the box open already.  Seriously if you need a review on this go to DCRainmaker.

2.  First Impressions

Meh...  It's a little rubber thing on a Velcro strap.  Other than the annoyance of getting it out of the plastic (maybe I should have researched "unboxing" more) it was pretty underwhelming.

3.  Instructions

Crap, total crap.

4. Initial Setup

Frustrating.  I'll be honest.  All this thing has on it is a little bitty blinky light that can (as far as I've determined) blink: red, blue, red/blue or purple (a combination of blue and red for you science whizzes out there).

Problem is, the instructions haven't been updated to account for this.  So you have no idea what the blinks means.  So (for example) when I went to "charge" the thing (you have to charge it) for the first time and it random blinked at me, I couldn't really tell if it was charging. Low and behold it wasn't. 

But pairing was easy.  Really easy.

And once you figured out the on blinks from the off blinks it was pretty okay.  It did turn off on me once, but that was a result (I think) of the aforementioned difficulty charging and a resulting dead battery.

5.  First Use

Amazing.  Once you figure out the quirks this think really is leaps and bounds ahead of the Garmin.  It was quicker to respond, waaaaaaaaaay more comfortable, and locked on fast and never let go.

Ditching the chest strap really was my priority.  Ladies, I've been told that the chest strap plus bra combo needed for endurance activities can cause all manner of chafe and chaf right near your goody bits.  This thing is your saviour.

Gents, this thing stops you from looking like the shirtless "I've run for 30 years" dude with the original chest strap and Prefontaine shorts.  I mean unless you're in to that look.  Then I guess don't get this?

But really, for comfort and function it nails it.  I actually had a few moments on my first training ride where I would look at my HR on my watch and instinctively reach to adjust my (now nonexistent)  strap.  Only on about the fourth phantom readjust attempt did I realize what a nuisance chest straps really are.  This has no adjusting, just solid data.  Love it.

6. Conclusion

Updates be damned.  It works, I like it.  I'll keep using it as long as I can.  Final grade on our super sophisticated grading scale? 18.7 out of a possible 23.2.  Losing marks only for the stupid blinky lights and precarious charging cradle.  I'm happy, and if I'm happy life is not crappy.

T. Out!