It is that time again. Another month has come and gone. March was a great success. In a mere 5ish weeks I will be in Victoria for the first race of the season. EEEEKKKKKKKKKK So how did April go? In one word - "Medium"

April By The Numbers

  • Swimming: 7.03 km (a personal best for me)
  • Cycling: 653.9 km (another personal best for me)
  • Running: 113.9 km 
  • Total: 774.12 km
  • Training Time: 36 hrs
  • Total Calories Burnt: 27,619 (Seems like so many!) 

By the numbers April looks like a good month. Swimming volume was up. Cycling volume was up. Running volume was slightly down. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the overall input. But April wasn't all about the numbers and there remains a lot to be adjusted in May.

April was not the most enjoyable month for me. Personally and professionally I found myself distracted to the point where my training suffered, but more importantly my focus started to waiver (more detailed post coming soon). As a result of these distractions and my mental lapses a few things suffered this month including:

  • Sticking to my schedule: I know I preach training schedule flexibility as being very important, but for me I was a little too loosey goosey with adjusting my training schedule. The biggest issue with my flexibility was that it led to many missed sessions, most notably, AGAIN, swimming.
  • Diet: there is just no two ways about this one - I fell off the wagon. My alcohol intake increase. My crappy food intake increased. My meal timing suffered a lot. Overall, it was let down and my training was impacted as a result.
  • Swimming: While I did swim more this month then ever before, it really isn't enough. I know I have to put more time in. A lot.
  • Stretching and Mobility: I'm starting to feel sore and I'm not listening to my body enough (even as we speak I took an extra rest day because I just wasn't feel 100%).
  • Sleeping: I've been sleeping like crap. It is impacting everything and likely a result of my crappy eating and decisions to take a few more social beverages. It is easy to ignore the impact of sleep, but when you're putting in 10+ training hours you really feel how bad sleep can impact your performance.

I can sit here and complain and make excuses about what I'm not happy about ORRRRR I can come up with a plan to fix things and get me back on track. April was still successful, but May is going to be my best month yet and here is how I'm getting back on some of my neglected areas:

  • SWIMMING - I am going to swim more. This is becoming a constant "fix it" bullet for me but I'm serious this time ;) I've started swimming lessons and that is going well. I'm setting a personal target of 4.5km a week. Challenge Accepted!
  • Diet: I'm back on track with my diet. I've met with my dietitian today (May 6) and we have a 6 week plan to get me ready for race day. The weeks are planned out. The targets are set. I also think this is going to assist me with getting better sleep. Benefits galore. Oh ya .... one other thing ..... no more booze or sugar candy (well serious restraints on alcohol intake it was my birthday May 2 after all)
  • Stretching/Mobility: 30 mins in the morning. 30 minutes before bed. No questions asked. This doesn't include pre/post exercise stretching. I've researched my problem areas. I've got input from physio and I have a plan. Let's do it.
  • Schedule: I don't have any tricks to get me back on track specifically, but where I was putting my schedule in week by week, I've put the entire month in my phone and added reminders for all events. I'm hoping these little hacks will keep me on schedule.

There we have it.

I'm happy with my progress.

I'm feeling ready for my first race of the season in June.

Annnnnnnddddddddd I've a got a plan to ensure that May sets me up for success.


Happy Training Everyone!