We are so very pleased to have introduced our Ambassadors this last week and we are even more pleased to have them out there racing and sharing their experiences with our readers. In John's first post you're going to learn a few things. First, this guy is legit. He is fast, he is fierce, he is dedicated and we cannot wait for him to be rocking the Unicorn Kit as he rips up the course this year. Second, John is from America. And while we love our neighbours to the South (notice how I spell neighbours) they are one of three countries that still use the Imperial system of measurement. In that regard, I've included the metric distances for our readers that don't reside in Liberia, Myanmar (formerly Burma) or the United States of America. 

Race Information: 500 yard (450 meters) swim - 12.1 mile (19.47 km) bike ride - 3.1 mile (4.99 km) run

This might be the first time I felt like I was really racing. I usually race towards the front of my age group but never at the front of the race. So being at the front of this race made it a very different experience because I didn’t care about any numbers about pace or power. It was just go hard, and don’t blow up.

First off, fuck technology in sprint tri's. I shouldn't even have hooked up my watch or cycle computer. I was in too much of a rush/race to even use them even the timing for the top men's race was off. I ended up ether 4 or 5th overall (issues with the timing are still being solved for) and I guess 1st in AG but I don't think that counts when you are racing for the podium. 

The swim was interesting, I think I swam around a 6 min 500 but with no real results to show that I don’t actually know that split time. It wasn't great by any means, but good enough to keep me in the race at the start. My Tri kit bogged me down a bit because it was TRI bottoms and a bit looser than when I normally swim in a speedo. I should have just gone with the jammers because they are fast in the water and would have been good enough for the bike and run. These are things I don't think of for long races in wetsuits because you don’t have to worry about the tri suit underneath the wetsuit… So all the top guys got out of the pool together and we ran about a quarter mile to the bike area I did this while putting my top on ( super annoying!) just another thing I don't think or in regular races. This was a pretty long run transition to do barefoot but I was still right there with all the top guys.

I got onto the bike in third place and quickly caught 2nd and just road like hell to get to the guy in front. He was riding so damn hard and I was well over FTP but knew I needed to keep hammering to have a chance but the guy kept putting time on me that I just couldn't make up. I kept hammering as hard as I thought would be sustainable, pushed like crazy on the hills and with about 1mile left I got passed by a guy which put me in third. My aero water bottle was rocking around and was really annoying which I need to fix for future races. I hit transition perfectly with my feet already out of my shoes and I ran through fast. It was a long transition but I ended up leaving to start the run in 2nd while passing a guy in there. Looking at the results I had the fastest transition out of the top 10 guys.

I got out on the run and I knew it was going to be rough. My legs were feeling damn stiff and just a few seconds into it the guy passed me putting me in third. He was running a pace I couldn't even have dreamed of matching. So, I stayed in 3rd for the first lap and a half before another guy passed me putting me in 4th. I just don't have the top end to compete with guys running 5:40 pace right now. With about a half mile left another guy made the pass putting me in 5th and I just didn't have anything to match him. I was just trying to hold on and not slow down. 

Final time if 1:00:54 with no idea what my splits were. But it was a pretty solid race with not too much left to give. I think I could have ran a bit faster but who knows right now.

The top two guys will be at Victoria with the winner in my AG. I want revenge! It's a different style of TRI when you are up there racing for the podium and I love it! Now it is on to the next 9 weeks of training in prep for Victoria!