"Speed Feeder".  Haha, that's seriously what the race is called.  I have no idea what that even means.  But that's okay. THIS RACE WAS GREAT!

This was Race 5 of the 7 races that MEC offered in the Vancouver area for a grand total of $84.  That's EIGHTY FOUR BUCKS for those of you who dislike digits.  And not for one race but for all 7.  What a bargain!  Basically everyone should sign up for this race series.  Here's the link: MEC Race Series  It's expired now, on account of 5 of the 7 races having happened already, but they'll have a new one for 2017 probably. So google that.


Anyways what is this a coupon website?  No, it's an Endurance Sports Amazing Feats and Glory type website.  So less bargains and more race reporting.

Race 5 was the same route as Race 1 held waaaaay back in February.  How far back?  Like we didn't-even-have-a-blog-that-far-back-yet back.  That's far back.

Mec 1
Mec 1

Race 1 was good.  It was cold and wet, just how I like it.  Race 5?  Not as cold, or wet, but still in that "I'm fly for a white guy" preferred temperature range.  So I was happy, and not too hot, and just enough wet.

I was also happy because, by all accounts, every metric that my Garmin recorded for Race 5 had improved over Race 1.  I was less bouncy, more efficient, more balanced, and better paced.  I attribute a lot of that to my butt-running revamp, and to general conditioning, and to some race experience.  For example you'll notice from my splits that I ran 90m less in this Race 5 than Race 1.  I attribute that to "course management" which is a fancy way of saying why run on the outside of a corner when you can run on the inside of a corner.  I also attribute it to sh*t Garmin GPS.  But I digress.

Unfortunately my Garmin did not record my HR data this go around (that's a lie, it did, but it say my HR was 248, and then dropped to 80 which it did not do...), despite me wearing that dreadful monitor, so I can't compare my fitness from February using that metric.  But if I go on the highly subjective measure of "feel", well this race "felt" a lot better.  So that's a Bingo!


Now for the digression. Garmin products suck.  Suffice to say I think all of Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure agrees that Garmin is total sh*t, but they've somehow cornered the market so we'll just keep eating it.  It's too bad.  I hope someone figures out a better solution one day.  I'd say it'd be me, but I don't really care all that much.  If I was a serious Triathlete though I would definitely have some sort of blog writing about my triathlon exploits that had a section dedicated to Garmin shaming....

Now this race was a "race" but I didn't prepare for it like a race, more like a Sunday run.  So the night before which was M. Ashley M's and the magnificent Ryan's very happy birthday party had me indulging in libations that were perhaps not straight out of the No Meat Athlete's preferred marathon training program; aka I ate falafel and drank beer.

That was great for the party.

That was not great for kilometre 3 of the race.  Where you can see my lap time mysteriously drop to sub-standard pace.  I'll let you in on a secret, I didn't stop for ~1:30 to tie my shoe.....  Although what I did do rhymes with shoe.... (ps. 1:30 should get its own award).

Anyways, other things about this race:

  • Butt-running rules.  I had been really concerned about my pace these last few runs given that my butt-run easy runs have been considerably off the old pace I would set at the same heart rate.  At my faster "race" pace, however, my suffering was about the same as it would have been running my old way, but my body felt significantly better.  I was faster, and had more to give if I needed it, and way more left in the tank at the finish.  So that means more long, slow, steady butt-running miles at pedestrian like paces for me!  Boring yes, but they're working, and that's great.
  • MEC Race Series rules.  Apparently they're doing triathlons now.  That should be amazing(ly inexpensive).
  • Stanley Park bathrooms do not rule.
  • Totally weird discount Asian massages after races rule (but that's another story).

So there you go.  Another 10k done, feeling strong, lookin' pro while going slow.  What more could I ask for?

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