Top 10 lists are all the rage, right?  Right. So I’ll add to the pile. Without further delay here are my top 10 reasons for why you want to (not) be a triathlete:

  1. Athletics:  Are you crappy at swimming, biking and/or running?  Because if so, triathlon is the sport for you!  Because there’s no chance you’ll be equally crappy in all three!  Trust me.
  2. Swag:  Triathlon gives out way better swag than other events.  And it should with entrance fees at 10 times the price of your community fun run.
  3. Bragging Rights:  Your friends will think you’re super hard core.  “Normals” don’t know the difference between a sprint and an Olympic and an IRONMAN.  Most still think IRONMN is the movie, or the Timex watch.
  4. Confidence: You will begin to think you’re super hard core because, let’s face it, you are!  You’re a triathlete!
  5. The Gear:  Seriously, the best part about this sport is buying cool stuff.  “Looking pro going slow” emmiright?
  6. Motivation:  It creeps up on you, but this sport will motivate you to change for the better (how sappy is that?)
  7. Self-reflection:  Long run Sundays alone no headphones allowed?  Self-reflect or go insane to the steady sound of your feet pounding pavement.
  8. Community:  Cyclists are jerks, runners are jerks, triathletes are jerks, but once you are in the club people really can be great (but seriously though, cyclists are jeeeerks!)
  9. Travel:  Mexican vacation!?  Yeah fine.  But Mexican vacation because you’re racing a half IRONMAN and then get to veg on the beach for 4 days after?  Those margaritas never tasted so sweet
  10. Because it’s worth it:  It just is. So lace up, strap in, get wet, and do it.

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