Get it? "Straighten Up", Aaahahaha, I'm funny because guess what? This post is about body alignment. So after lots and lots of running I'm often afflicted with this weird feeling that I can only describe as "twisty body". Literally, my body feels and looks twisted. For the past year whenever twisty body happens, I go to the chiro and say "my body is twisty." He looks at me and snaps and cracks and then says "feel better?" And it always does...for a while.

And then I go run a lot again.

And then twisty body comes back.

So yesterday before my run, and feeling the early stages of twisty body, I decided that it was time to stop treating the symptom, and start exploring the cause.

I mean, I have all the tell tale bad things in my life:

  • I sit at a desk at least 10 hours most days
  • When I'm not sitting in the desk, I'm sitting in my car, usually for 3 hours a day
  • I drive a standard, and while bad ass and totally awesome, it means that my left side gets a lot of pushing and pulling while my right side just hangs out.
  • I stretch as much as I can, but it never feels like enough to stay ahead of the miles of running and biking I put on my body each week.
  • I have a weak core, and too-tight hips

But then I came across this video:

And I did the exercises in it before my run last night, and I did my "self evaluation" in the mirror and guess what? I felt a whole lot better!  And my hips were better aligned.  And that translated into a noticeably better run gate!

Now it was interesting because during my run my "low" hip was snapping and cracking in ways it never had before, but I take that as a good sign that I actually was running with it in the right place for a change.  It felt good.  It felt like I was "unlocked".

So, just in case running, cycling, swimming, stretching, strength training, nutrition and time management are not enough for you to plan for in a day, I highly encourage you to explore your posture and alignment. Your body will thank you.