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Ed:  Think about that for a sec -- 10k, in a pool, without a break.  WTF John!  You're an animal.  But for those of you who ever asked 'is it possible' (I was not one) the answer is apparently YES IT SURE IT.  Man this is just awesome.  Earn that bird!!


For all the Canucks who haven’t heard of a Turkey trot, it refers to a run of some sort around Thanksgiving. I think it’s main purpose is to make people feel better about all the food they are going to eat on Thanksgiving. Or at least provide an excuse for the thousands of calories that will be devoured (I am one of these people).

When I tell people I am going to do a Turkey 10k, everyone assumes it is a run which, when you look at what I have ran before, isn’t that big of a deal. But when I tell them it is a 10k swim in a 25 meter pool and then I do the conversion to 6.2 miles people think it is a bit nuts (as do I and my coach). I assume if you are following the Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure then you probably think some of us are nuts anyways.

This was my second year doing this swim, the masters team at my pool puts this swim on and there are actually 3 different distances you can choose from: 4K, 7k, and 10k. Usually about 7-8 people will actually do the full 10k because it is a long time in the pool when you still have to go to work afterwards. Last year I did it in a yard pool and I did 10 thousand yards which is about 900 yards short of a real 10k. But this year it was the real deal in a meter pool

A 10k in a 25 meter pool is 400 lengths of the pool. That’s a long ways to mentally grasp. So the masters team coach writes out a set on three white boards! I’m not joking, it takes three large white boards to write out this work out! Just take a look below and you can start to understand this type workout.



The swim started at 5:30 for me which, hoping to finish the set under 2:45, would give me time to get to the office. I started this swim out following the set, but in the set there was lots of backstroke (I hate backstroke with a passion, It was a joke for me to swim it in high school and it still is a joke to this day). So by the time I got to the second part of the set that called for back stroke I said screw it and started doing my own 10K set. The goal was 10k, so I figured the quickest way to get that done was to just do repeal 1k’s and 500’s. It’s a bit mind numbing swimming 1k’s straight but it makes the meters go by much faster.

I try to mix in some different speeds so I’m not only swimming one speed the whole time. That plan went out the window around 6k. An easyish effort was putting me around 1:30 per 100 and a hard effort was getting me the same speed. The focus at that point in a long swim is good form, because when you get tired is when you get injured, so I just focused on good form and pushed through the meters.

Swim Pool.jpeg

The last 500 was truly amazing, I was so close to the end and I was going to be able to get out of that pool finally! That last 500 was also my slowest one of the day. My arms were just tired and ready to be done.

With 10k complete it was time to get my turkey day grub on. I earned every piece of turkey and every slice of pie that next day! But you won’t be seeing me do something like that again for another year!

If you have some crazy idea, go for it! Don’t let the craziness hold you back, use it to push you forward!