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Monday Musings - March 20


Monday Musings - March 20

Back by popular demand, the first Musings of 2017!!! I know I know, you've all been wondering what happened to this weekly treat. Rest no more, your Monday morning reading is back on the agenda! Without further delay ........

It's Monday and you know what that means .. The Monday Musings"


Forced Recovery: It Sucks, do it Anyway


Forced Recovery: It Sucks, do it Anyway


After 16.5 hours of training last week capping off a very full three week build, this week is my "recovery week". The last recovery week actually before a hard effort next week, and then a gradual taper until race day. Recovery weeks are the worst. More specifically, the day after recovery days are the absolute worst.

Yesterday I did not exercise at all. I did not run, I did not bike, I did not swim or fly a kite. I worked and ate and stretched and slept and sat around and shopped (online).

And today I feel like I have the flu and my body is on panic mode (I don't have the flu, FYI).

You should have heard my inner monologue last night. It was ridiculous: - "You need to rest, it's recovery week" - "Nah, just go run for like an hour, you have a huge race coming up. You don't want to backslide" - "No! You need to rest. You only get stronger during rest" - "That doesn't make sense, you get stronger working harder! Just go for 30 minutes" - "Don't you dare, you stay right here and do nothing! I'm warning you..." ~cocks back of hand in threatening manner~

         ~ And scene

For some of you that might sound silly. How hard is it to just have a rest day? I thought that way too, when I was a "casual" exerciser (I miss those days. My best sport was all you can eat buffet-ing). I'd think nothing about watching TV in place of running or going to bed early because I felt like it.

But this Ironman training stuff changes you. It makes you bonkers, totally bonkers. Total body break down + the mental stress of being drained all the time = normal things don't compute.

Today I will feel like crap all day. And tonight I will run and bike at a relaxed intensity, because my body will take days to heal. And I will hate every minute of it.

But I know that next week I will be stronger for it, lots stronger. And I will like that!

Faith in recovery; stick to the program. 31 days to go!


Teammates:  Love 'em and Hate 'em and Love 'em


Teammates: Love 'em and Hate 'em and Love 'em


Triathloning is hard. Teammates make it easier....sometimes. Sometimes being until you share all of your exercise data, and you see that you're low mate on the totem pole not only in ability but in effort. When they're putting in 12+ hours a week and you struggle to manage 8.  When they're crushing bike drills while you're stuffing your face with potato chips.  When they're improving, and you're plateauing.

But don't let any of that get you down. Because all that "sometimes" is really only ego. Drop the ego, and just get on the trainer.  Don't drag them down, let them lift you up.

I love my teammates. I couldn't choose better people to be on this journey with. And I literally couldn't have done this without them. While I shake my fist at them for being more awesome than me sometimes, I owe them everything for how awesome I am now.

Keep putting me to shame, gang. Because imma be nippin' at your heels before too long.

38 days....


Watchless: Does it Even Count?


Watchless: Does it Even Count?


Isn't technology great? My wrist tells me all of these things, like how fast my heart goes, and how far my feet carry me, and how badly I limp to my left when I jog for some reason that I can't seem to figure out because it doesn't offer solutions just "information".... It tells me ALL THE THINGS!

But that begs the question, when my watch isn't recording, does my workout still count?

Seems like a simple question, doesn't it. I don't think it's actually so simple.

I've been reading lately about "junk miles". People (nay "experts") talk a lot about avoiding junk miles. "Don't just go run, run with purpose" they say. They say it so much that it starts to sound like "if you can't train with a perfect plan, you'd best stay on the couch".

So here I find myself travelling again. Without the benefit of a "plan" and in fact without my watch, or my heart rate monitor, or any of the other "science" of training.

But I have my running shoes.

And it would seem like I could just go run.

And my legs want to run, but my brain pauses and says to me "why bother, it doesn't count without your watch, they're just junk miles".

But you know what?  That's stupid, brain.  If I can run 10k that's 10k more that I did before.  How can that not benefit my training?

Now how will I know how far I've run? Who knows! I don't have a watch! But I'll know that every step is one more step towards greatness.  My body doesn't know what my watch tells it.  And it certainly doesn't care.  Don't let your brain or the "experts" deter you from what counts, moving your body someway, somehow, whenever you can.

So does it count? Absolutely!  After all, your watch doesn't carry you through the finish line...

ps.  For the record I didn't run 10k, I did push ups in my hotel room.  How many push ups?  Couldn't tell you, I don't have my watch.