Triathloning is hard. Teammates make it easier....sometimes. Sometimes being until you share all of your exercise data, and you see that you're low mate on the totem pole not only in ability but in effort. When they're putting in 12+ hours a week and you struggle to manage 8.  When they're crushing bike drills while you're stuffing your face with potato chips.  When they're improving, and you're plateauing.

But don't let any of that get you down. Because all that "sometimes" is really only ego. Drop the ego, and just get on the trainer.  Don't drag them down, let them lift you up.

I love my teammates. I couldn't choose better people to be on this journey with. And I literally couldn't have done this without them. While I shake my fist at them for being more awesome than me sometimes, I owe them everything for how awesome I am now.

Keep putting me to shame, gang. Because imma be nippin' at your heels before too long.

38 days....