It is hard to imagine a more important piece of ones bike then the saddle.  Let's get one thing straight, sitting 3-4 hours on any saddle is not going to be comfortable. The objective is to make it as comfortable as possible. When it comes to saddles, as far as Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure is concerned there is one option out there: ISM Adamo It took a number of different seats, and more than one case of numbness, for me to finally find the lady of my dreams – the Adamo ISM Road Saddle. Trevor plops his Mr. Potato ass on the Adamo ISM Prologue.  Designed to allow blood flow and reduce numbness, the seat has delivered exactly as advertised for me. If you’re interested in detailed research behind the ISM claims it is explained here.

It does take a little getting used to riding the seat at first and I would recommend introducing it on shorter rides, with no riding shorts when you’re first breaking it in. Once you put some miles on it, I have yet to find a more comfortable seat out there. With regards to the Adamo ISM Prologue, Trevor says it is not comfortable per se, but it’s the same level of not comfortable for 100 miles at a time, and your bits stay alive.

It only takes one serious case of numbness after a ride to realize that without a good seat, your performance is going to suffer – potentially in more areas than just your racing and training. This is a particular interest of Trevor's, look for his piece on “numbness” coming soon.