I have this ultimate system for warding off illness.  I count on my "body ninjas".  Those ancient, highly trained, ruthless, bacteria killing micro-monsters that live in my bloodstream and fend off any intruder not paying the cover charge.  Like the teenage mutant ninja turtles of my immune system.  Scary and radical all at once.

Problem is, every once and a while, every rare, once and a while, my ninjas meet their Shredder, and all goes to heck.

It started three weeks ago, mild fever, general misery, what seemingly resolved quickly at first lingered as chest cough which became a sinus infection which led to a visit to my internet doctor which inevitably resulted in a round of antibiotics, because apparently I was too high in biotics.

You all know the drill.  I mean just listen to my voice on episode three of our podcast.  Brutal (I mean not that I'm Morgan Freeman at the best of times, but still).

But what is an athlete in training to do?  Well, it seems, not much.  

Beginner Triathlete had an interesting article on the subject linked here.  I mean basically we are all driven, we are all stubborn, and we all firmly believe in mind over matter.  Afterall, how else do we get our bodies to do these impossible things that they do?

But, why prologue the inevitable?  I have a busy busy season coming up.  I can't risk my July by unnecessarily pushing in February.

So you know what I've done for three weeks?  Absolutely nothing.  And I feel like crap for it, but I would have felt like crap anyways so it's not really an issue.

Now I shouldn't actually say 'absolutely' nothing.  As you may have read about, I've very much enjoying being "unplugged" from my training data as of late.  And so I did what I could, when I could, without worrying about "the plan".  I ran a tiny bit.  Played some tennis and some squash.  Stretched occasionally, when bending over didn't result in a stream of whatever that is flowing from my head orifices....  I swam, a lot.  Not hard lengths, but with a focus on body awareness and "feel".  I can say that my comfort in the water has actually never been higher, even if my endurance and strength has taken a hit.  That's a massive plus.

So, with my biotics returning to normal, I sit here feeling lethargic, soft, fat, and out of breath.  And I could focus on that which I cannot control, but I choose instead to focus on that which I can control.  So today it's back at it, slow and steady, a rebuild like I've done now a thousand times before.

Stay healthy out there, and if you can't stay healthy, that's okay too.  It's all in the processes.