Every triathlete that travels requires a serious travel bag. This sport brings with it some heavy gear requirements, which, when travelling, can be a serious serious headache. Enter the Ogio 9.0 Athletic Bag.

I've now traveled with this bag for all of 2016, including frequent trips to Victoria, Vancouver, Arizona and Mexico and am more than pleased with its performance. If you travel frequently with your gear you must take a look at this bag.

The Pros:

  • The bag has ample room for all the gear, clothes and nutrition you can imagine, including a helmet strap & solid compartment for those breakables like my Oakley EVZero Path Prizm Road sunglasses.
  • While it looks big, especially when packed, I've found that it has met all airline carry-on requirements and stores neatly into the overhead bins - a must for me, someone who carries a lot of anxiety stowing my gear below from a number of lost bag incidents.
  • The bag also contains a ventilated storage compartment for those sweaty clothes that don't have time to dry before departure or to carry your wet wetsuit.
  • Finally, the bag also looks bad-ass and serious. So really, what more can you ask for

The Cons:

  • No cross-body shoulder strap - limits carrying options to backpack or carrying like a duffel
  • 9.0 is a little big, would likely look at 8.0 next go around - as a day-to-day gym bag it's a little large
  • Color scheme was limited
  • Crush resistant pocket makes second side pocket practically useless

 The Ogio 9.0 Overivew


Dimensions: 13" H x 27" W x 12.5" D


Weight: 3.4 Lbs. Capacity: 3600 Cubic Inches


Wet/Dry compartment with ventilation zipper


Integrated Armored Pocket - Perfect for sunglasses or electronics


Side Pocket #1 with Nutrition Organization Pockets


Side pocket #2 with plenty of separated storage

As you can see, this bag is made with the triathlete in mind and delivers on all accounts.

A MUST look for any traveling triathlete needing a functional bag designed to address the unique requirements of this sport.