Traveling with a bike can be incredibly stressful. I mean, it is no secret that I love my bike. It is my baby, likely to be my only ever. Imagining it being tossed around by careless airport luggage handlers actually sends shivers down my spine. In part one of my travelling triathlete gear review, I looked at a great bag to ensure your gear arrives safely and soundly to wherever you may be heading - the Ogio 9.0 Duffel.

Part two looks at a great bike bag that will get your bike to your destination safety and more importantly, with little to no disassembly of your bike.  I've used a number of travelling bike cases and the Scicon Aerocomfort Triathlon Bike Travel Bag is by far my favourite - by a loooooooong shot.

The Pros:

  • Minimal bike deconstruction - no need to even remove pedals, no disassembly of aerobars, no seat removal
  • Comes with anti-shock bike frame for added protection
  • Padding for frame included
  • Easy to pack, easy to maneouver
  • Plenty of internal space for helmet, shoes, foam roller, etc.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store

The Cons:

  • Strap clips seem to be a little brittle (cheap)
  • Shifters move during travel, causing some chain rubbing
  • Getting zipper closed was a little tight around the shifters
  • Had to remove bottle cages from seat which was a tad annoying

Verdict: Buy

The Scicon AeroComfort Triathlon Bike Bag is a great option for any travelling triathlon, especially if you don't feel comfortable taking apart or putting your bike back together again. Keep your bike fit in perfect form, pack and unpack in minutes. What more can you ask for?

The Scicon Aerocomfort Triathlon Bike Travel Bag


Anti-shock bike frame provides great stability and security using the quick release skewers from your wheels. (skewers provided by Scicon)


No disassembly require. No tools required. Remove the skewers, secure the bike and strap it in. Easy peasy. Included padding for bike frame, seat and aerobars


 Nylon outer-shell in combination with a thick layer of high-density foam padding, provides great good protection.


Included items: frame padding, extra quick release skewers, derailleur protector, storage bag, pump, lock and extra wheel. Everything you need.


According to Scicon, the AeroComfort Triathlon Bike Bag requires minimal disassembly of your bicycle and padded protection that will provide you with the confidence that you and your bike will arrive safely and soundly at your destination.

They aren't wrong.

That beautiful, beautiful smile rarely disappeared when travelling with this bike and bike bag.

By far the easiest assembly and disassembly I've had with any bag. If you're looking to travel with confidence and ease, this bag is definitely for you.


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