Maybe you read April Showers, maybe you just wondered "what's it like to have a coach"?   I sure didn't.

But then, John read April Showers, and was like "dude, you need some help".  And I was like "yeah, you know what? I do need some help". And John was like "yeah?  Well I'm not busy enough being an awesome employee and a great fiancee and travelling all over the world and oh yeah training to go to KONA again, how about I be your coach?"  And I was like "Heck yes".

I had started a post a while back that I didn't publish because, frankly, it was super boring.  I had no idea what I was in for with "Coach John", and I wanted to express that.  To start, John sent me an at least 5 million page questionnaire probably, which I recreated in that very long and boring blog.  

To spare you the pain which John endured, I have recreated only a few of the highlights that I had to think long and hard about:

1. What is your sport background?

I was in band (aka I can walk pretty far and move my hands and feet independently).  I lifted weights for a few months back in the early 2000s.  My first ever 10k was in 2012 and it took me weeks to recover from

2.  What is your typical diet, general idea?

Classic American.  Salads when I feel like it (Ed: this was a lie), burgers are my favourite, I over eat as of right now.  I know what I should eat, but I make poor choices.  I love sandwiches.  Subway is my go-to.

3.  Are you satisfied with your body weight? 

Heck no

4.  Are you on medication that affects you during training?

Well sometimes I like to take an Aleve and have a nice long nap. 

5.  What is your favorite sport and why (swim, bike, run)?

I dislike all three, but for some reason I really like them all together.  

6.  What do you think is holding you back in this sport?

I don't know, that's why I need you!

And it went on like that for pages and page and pages.

And you know what, I am so grateful.  So here's what I can say.  If you are thinking about getting a coach, GET A COACH!

John has changed the way I think about training.  He has given me an accountability I never had before.  And he has given me back a drive that I lost somewhere along the way.  

I'm about 5 weeks into the Coach John Method (patent pending), having not trained for over 18 months.  Everything is harder than I remember, like everything.  But I'm swimming faster now than I did at my peak.  My bike hasn't suffered all that much, although my endurance is terrible.  I can't run right now, but we're getting there.  

But most important of all, I'm moving again. 

I don't really know what more to say about it.  Starting over is the worst.  And I'm really starting over.  I had wanted to provide this insightful post about something, but there's nothing really insightful at all.  Sometimes, the fitness element just sucks.

But what Coach John has given me, that I couldn't given myself, was a profound sense of motivation and gratitude.  Which in turn inspires me to drag my butt out of bed, which then promotes more motivation and gratitude.   After all, isn't that exactly what a coach is there to do?

So like I said, if you've ever wondered, take the plunge.  Your coach is there for you, and you won't regret it.

Unless you hire Lewis, fuck that guy.

T. out!