Helmet/Cap/Shades I ride the Giro Atmos II because I got it on sale and because I get HOT, and this thing is so vented I’m not even sure it’s that safe (kidding Giro…kidding).

I’ve been coveting the Air Attack Shield.  Not sure about its cooling properties in the desert though.  I will look more closely at aero helmets as my main event approach.

I also use a cycling cap.  I have one from MEC and one from Waltz Caps.  I think this is a highly underrated accessory.  Not only does it keep you cool but it keeps sweat and other nasty things out of your eyes.  I even do my runs wearing it.  Yes, I’m “that guy” running in a cycling cap but you know what it works so I’m good with it.

Don’t forget a decent set of shades.  I wear airport specials (i.e I bought them at the airport).  Just something to shield the eyes and block the wind.  Watch out that they don’t create a “wind tunnel” of sorts and funnel air right into your eyes.  That hurts.


Brandon skipped the software, but a trainer without some sort of training program is (I’m guessing) a nightmare.  TrainerRoad does it all, and then some.  It’s the reason why I’ll be doing 90% of my bike training this season inside on a trainer.  

Race Kit

I race in Epix Gear GoFierce because it looks awesome, feels awesome, the customer service was really good, and it works relatively well with the ISM seat (which not all bike pads do).  Brandon and me are searching for alternatives just ‘cause; we will keep you posted.


Brandon and I drove deep into the rural part of Langley to buy these Synergy wetsuits from a guy in his garage.  Literally, that was the “Canadian Rep”.  It was sketchy.  But the wetsuits themselves seem pretty good.  

I have the Synergy Hybrid. I don’t think it fits as well as I think it could, but I didn’t know any better and kind of just wanted to get out of the guy’s garage.  I’m long and thin, so it’s a bit too wide for me, especially around the neck.  And putting it on is a bitch.  If you are new to wetsuits I will write about all that I’ve learned.  A poorly fitting wetsuit (and to be more specific, putting it on poorly) will literally sink you.  Get it right, though, and it helps.

While not perfect, for the amount of time I’m in it I’m not going to bother shopping.  I don’t need a faster wetsuit, I need to get faster at swimming.  Period.


Aqua Sphere Kayenne: Just buy these. Seriously.  Don’t ask questions. Don’t comparison shop.  Buy these.  They rock.


This will be a huge topic no doubt for both Brandon and me, but last year I raced with a custom blend Infinit energy powder.  It mixes with water to form a sports drink with a whole bunch of stuff in it.  Both Brandon and me sweat like pigs, so our custom mixes account for increased sweat loss as well as relatively high carb calories per hour and some protein.

I’m changing my nutrition strategy this year so I expect I will just finish out my Infinit on training rides and probably won’t order any more.

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