Well for you avid followers of Brandon's Monday Musings I hate to disappoint, but Brandon is traveling and unable to fill us in on his weekly goingsons.  And so I'm going to fill in for him.  Je vous presente Trevor's Tuesday Tales

Books 'n Stuff

I'm not reading any books, but I did do the test at the back of the Strengthfinder 2.0 book and of course saw FATE OF THE FURIOUS along with the rest of the world apparently.  Do those things!

Article of the Week?

God Brandon is a nerd.  Here's a link to a bunch of wholesome memes instead.

Words that Caught My Eye

"Ride or Die" - Letty (probably) or maybe Dom

Gear that is Cool

Now I can definitely get on board with cool gear, so here are two things:

1.  The Sony E-Paper Tablet.  For only $725USD you can have a tablet that does nothing more than paper does, but that does it digitally and isn't an iPad.  Neat

2.  PF Flyers All Americans:  It seems that every three weeks there's a "Remember the Sandlot" post somewhere.  It was a sweet movie, and they wore these sweet shoes.  Probably zero drop?

Stretch of the Week

I was pretty into this last night.  No skill, maximum relaxium.