Well, unexpectedly (or maybe not) 'Tuesday Tales' was a pretty big hit.  So, consistent with the lassez faire nature of the Tales, here is a randon Tuesday with some random things from Trevor:


Still not really that into books.  I have been watching reruns of Schitt's Creek though.  You know what they say, come for the peculiar small town references, stay for the family with the world's largest eyebrows.  Canadian humour at it's finest.


I've been really into reading about the Corvette ZR1.  Not the new one, the one from the 90s.  Nothing quite says "identity" like a 90s Corvette packed with a Lotus engine manufactured by a company that makes boat motors .  Eclectic.


I want a new Macbook.  Still don't know if I want a MacBook with touchy-bar thingy or a skinny one that comes in gooooooold.  Which one is more popular with the youths?  'Cause I'll take the opposite one *shakes fist


My buddy Dan is good at like power poses and body control stuff.  So I thought I'd try it out.  First up, that thing you used to do in 4th grade:

The Backbend is a great yoga exercise to stretch your body, strengthen and stretch spine. It improves flexibility. It is a good posture for back health or as a great stretch after a core workout. This Backbend (Urdhva dhanurasana, Upward Bow pose) can be a quite challenging asana but it is practiced in many Yoga classes.