That's right bitches!!  We're back for another random Tuesday of things!  



You know by now I don't read book.  But it's CARS 3 this weekend!  So I'm going to go to that to get my daily dose of culture.  I swear to internal combustion this better be better than the disaster that was Car 2: Towmater makes all Americans look even more like international buffoons.....  That movie was dreadful.  KaChow!


Do instruction manuals count?  If so I've been trying to figure out how involved the installation of a driveshaft centre support mount and bearing is, because I need to know how much I'll have to shell out to not have my driveshaft fly out of my car at high speed.  Seems a little "over safe" to me, but whatever...

Cool Gear

Did I mention driveshaft centre support mounts and bearings?  No?  Well then what about those S'well water bottles?  I mean seriously they keep your stuff cold and don't make your hands cold while you do it.  They're "s'well" get it...aaaaaaaaaaaahahaha *cough


Lately about the only thing I've been stretching regularly are the fibres on my pillowcase..... (nappy nappy time) but, given my re-occuring knee annoyance, this seems prudent.  Remember, activate that core: