Howdy kids!  Man I love Tuesdays, not just because of  Tuesday Tales, but because it's not Monday.  Isn't that the best!!!

Here's some random things I've been doing:


You guys know I don't read books.  I do like TV though!  Last night I dicovered this HBO series called "The Defiant Ones" about the rise of Dr. Dre and N.W.A.  It was great!  I was going to link to it by HBO has one of those stupid heavy on graphics difficult to navigate website. So your loss HBO.  But it's cool.


I think I've said this before, but man am I loving Mobi Bikes (  I'm literally taking these everywhere now.  If you have a bike share in your City, I highly recommend you look in to it.  I've basically replaced all of my short commutes with riding.  Yesterday, I even got off the train a stop early so I could take the mobi bike the rest of the way.  How insane is that!!


Tammy has been bugging me for years, literally, and finally I have acquiesced.  This Friday I AM GOING TO THE BIKE PARK FOR SWEET JUMPS.  Check it out out here:

I watched the five one minute "bike park 101" videos so now I am pro.  Angry Unicorn bring me luck and balls.


Lately I've been big in to non-active stretching lately.....aka lying on the floor.  This works pretty good.  I recommend moving less than in the video though: 



On a more somber note, most of BC's interior is on fire.  People are being displaced, evacuated, and faced with some pretty brutal destruction.  My bro is headed up to help with the fire efforts.  Let's take a second and be thankful that the vast majority of us have to worry about things like getting our electrolyte balance right on our long rides, and not our houses burning down.

More info, if you're so inclined: