It's been 5 days since my calf injury discussed briefly here: OUCHY! Triathlete Injury (Prevention) Fun. And while I rest and recover, "the fear" sets in. What fear is that, you ask?

The fear of "'the Week Off!"

In triathlon world I don't thing there is anything more terrifying than the week off (well, other than maybe sharks in the swim, but at least you can punch sharks, you can't punch a week off). Your body aches, everything feels tight, you start to feel saggy, you question things like "was I always that out of breath [getting out of my car, climbing those stairs, sitting up, changing the channel]".  You sleep and then you don't, and everything, everything is on hyper alert.

My recovery is progressing. I should seek help, but things are getting better. I've limited myself to swimming and to stretching and to icing and to "not doing the things that make it hurt".

Still, I test the proverbial soreness waters, like sucking air over a-tooth-that-hurts-and-you're-not-sure-if-it-hurts-enough-to-do-something-about-it-but-you-want-to-check-if-it-still-hurts waters.  And yes, it still hurts, although less so with each passing hour.

Tonight I will swim again, tomorrow my first test ride.  The day after, we shall see.  My fitness fades, stick to the plan Trevor.

I cannot afford a week off..... but I cannot afford not to......

Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure unite.