So.... I know after Part 1 you're all dying to hear how my nutrition long ride experiment went. Well, in a nutshell, it actually went pretty darn good! So here's what I learned in just a few (okay several) bullet points:

  • Nutrition is much harder to pay attention to that I actually though.  It's hard to push your body and have enough mental strength to remember your plan and execute, even when on the trainer.  I was finding myself forgetting, for example, if I was to be drinking water or Infinit or when I was to be fueling with chips or with clif bars.  So I have to really be organized in advance (labels) so I'm not trying to recall on the fly on game day.
  • I work well on a lot of calories, read, a lot.  I mean I guess that's not surprising.  My hilarious bio alludes to my propensity to eat; in undergrad I had a bartender buy me a shot for finishing a burger that was "so big" that he didn't believe I ordered it that way (he checked with me before he let the kitchen make it.  The shot was Jack Daniels.  It was gross).
  • More salt is better.  When I started sloshing, ingesting salt really helped.  The chips and jerky also really helped (both very high in salt content).  My next round of Infinit has been pumped up with salt.
  • My profile aerodrink is awesome because it keeps the straw basically at my lips; I drank almost continuously.  I hope I think it's as awesome when I'm moving instead of sitting still.
  • Even drinking almost continuously, I hardly had to use the washroom.  That means in Arizona heat I will need to drink even more continuously to try and stay ahead of my hydration needs.  This causes me some concern, so I will have to manage this particularly pre-race and in the first 3 hours of the bike.
  • All told, I basically ate this (starting at lunchtime on Friday):
    • 12:00pm:  Huge salad (and potato salad) with two very large, very salty chicken legs, plus 500m milk (calories, a lot)
    • 4:00pm:   16 piece sushi (snack, also calories a lot)
    • 9:00pm:   Pasta Friday!  Kraft Dinner with spinach and hot sauce (~900kcal)
    • 3:45am (yes, I woke up to eat):  English muffin with peanut butter and honey (~350kcal)
    • 9:00am:  Pre-workout, Infinit (~280kcal) + clif bar (~260kcal)
    • 10am - 3:30pm:  4 x Infinit (1120kcal) + 4 x clif bar (~1040kcal)
    • 3:30pm:  English muffin with avocado and mustard (~480kcal)
    • 3:30 - Finish:  1 x Infinit (~280kcal), jerky (~250kcal), potato chips (~200kcal), 4 x nuuns boost, 2 x salt pills
    • Water throughout as best I could without getting too sloshy

Finished strong, and then I basically didn't eat for the rest of the day because of all the salt and sugar inside me (which was actually a huge mistake, because I totally bonked on my run on Sunday as a result).

So I essentially took in the better part of 7000 calories over 18 or so hours to be able to ride for 6h24m in my house.

In other words, three days worth of normal people foods for about 1/3 of the energy I'll be expending in Arizona.  Jeez louise....

So, what do I have to do for Arizona?  Eat all the things!!  Better get to practicing.  19 days....

ps.  I'd also like to give a big shout out Joe Hayden of Bulldozer in an F1 Race for his very very very very detailed report of his recent Ironman 70.3 in Tempe.  His nutrition advice in particular has been extremely helpful in my planning.  Thanks Joe!  Check out Joe here: http://f1withabulldozer.blogspot.ca/