Those regular readers of ours (Hi Ashley!) know that I've been nursing an injury for some weeks, and that April was officially declared "No Run Month" Well, it's May now. In fact It's May the Fourth (be with you), and with No Run Month over I have a little less than 6 weeks to go from zero to hero in the Victoria 70.3 scheduled for June 12th.

Fortunately for me, my injury hasn't prevented me from cycling. Notwithstanding my manic travel schedule, I've been relatively okay on the bike, seeing power gains and weight loss. As such, my "run endurance" should have benefited from my increased cycling ability.

But there's no substitute for the real thing. So here's Trevor's 5ish weeks Zero to Hero plan:

  • I will progressively build for three days (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) each week, overlapping my build pattern the following week into longer and longer sessions.  For example:  Week one W -- 40 minutes, F -- 50 minutes, S -- 60 minutes.  Week two W -- 50 minutes, F -- 60 minutes -- S 70 minutes.
  • By weeks three and four my Wednesday and Friday workouts will include faster tempo segments into the mix, with Sunday run times stretching out to closer to 100 minutes.
  • Week 5 will effectively be a taper week, where I will keep up easy miles and really focus on recovery, stretching and prevention (active therapy release, massage, and anything else that my benefits plan may provide for).
  • Race day:  I will be a HERO!!

Simple plan right?  Here's what I'm watching out for:

  • Restrained Training:  I will not (cannot) go out too fast too soon.  This is very hard to do; to hold yourself back. Because through my cycling I physically feel strong.  But the first two weeks are not to test my ability they are to condition my body (my feet in particular) to the repetitive pounding running generates.  So my training needs to be intentional and restrained.
  • Self Control:  I will not put together a full race effort before Victoria.  I don't have time.  It's too easy to want to "test" yourself early, and you end up doing your PB in the practice run instead of the race.  Self control Trevor!  Leave it all in Victoria, not on your treadmill.
  • Managed Expectations:  I will not concern myself with where I should be, but rather focus on where I am.  Realistically, I will be slower than last year.  But last year my training was on point, this year it's been derailed from time to time.  Managing those expectations will ensure I put together a solid, manageable, fast(ish) and successful race effort.

So that's it.  Zero to Hero.  Game on!

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