John had an interesting journey into endurance sports and I think it all began at the wee age of 8 when all he ever wanted to do was run around and do any type of sport. His first true love was the game of soccer (football for all the non-Americans out there). But one sport was never enough for John, he needed to add in American Football, gymnastics, track, wrestling, and swimming. So, I guess growing up and selecting a sport that is three different ones combined was the perfect answer to John’s diverse back ground.

Graduating in 2013 with his Mechanical Engineering degree from Washington State University, GO COUGS!! With his engineering degree John decided that he needed to combine his love of sports with his engineering and started working at Nike as a footwear engineer. That is right, John is now a cobbler with his engineering degree.

John was a Pole Vaulter on the track team and after graduation he didn’t really know what to do with his life. Sports had been the integral part of his life all throughout his life and university that he needed to do something for exercise or the eating habits of a young 20’s guy was going to destroy him.

So why not pick a sport that is the opposite of the Pole Vault. If you ever have a chance to watch a Pole Vaulting competition, you will find that most of the time is spent sitting down waiting to jump, then once your turn does come up you run ~100 feet and jump, then sit back down again because that was tiring. You wouldn’t have expected to see John go spend hours and hours running, biking and swimming from his past experiences.

John’s reason for getting into Triathlon had everything to do with his cousin Kent. Kent has completed multiple Ironman’s plus the longest workout streak he knows personally (something over 3 years straight without a missed day of working out). So, to prove that he was just as tough, John signed up for his first 70.3 at Lake Stevens the summer after he graduated from College. That gave him a total of 12 weeks to prepare for an event that was way beyond anything John had ever considered… 2 years later John has completed 4 half Ironmans, and the full Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2016.

Now John just wants to become the best triathlete he can be and really push the limits of the mind and body. But along this journey he wants to help as many people as possible find their passion and pursue them with the same vigor that he has found.

When John isn’t working, and training he spends his time with his new fiancé Bre and their fat cat Jo binge watching Netflix and eating as much chocolate as he can get his hands on.

Chocolate is considered parts of all the food groups for John and he believes it should be eaten with each meal if possible.

Follow John on Instagram @brenny1990 as he continues to impress and motivate with his speed and dedication